Skin Care Basics


    Skin is your first line of defense against the environment and you can consider it to be the outermost layer of your liver. With that understanding diet must be considered when discussing skincare. Diet is not limited to the things we voluntarily put into our mouths, but extends to all things that we intake through our walks of life.


    Diet and Lifestyle
      Humans were made to survive on earth without technology. That means we were made to eat food that doesn’t need technology, as well. Most food that we eat nowadays has been processed in one way or another. This ranges from grinding grain, to cooking at home, all the way, to the mystery meats we find at many fast food restaurants. Processing food is a means of preservation. The problem is, you can’t preserve all of the vitamins and nutrients when processing most things. This is why it is important that the vast majority of the diet be fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and whole grain, if you hope to have optimal skin conditions. Eating fresh foods high in vitamin A C and E can benefit anyone on the path to great looking and feeling skin.


        No product can keep your skin looking and feeling great if you are chronically dehydrated. It’s recommended that we drink about half of our body weight, in ounces of water, to stay hydrated. Diuretics like sugar salt tobacco, coffee, soda, liquor and concentrated/artificial juices and processed foods need to be adjusted for with more water. Skin’s natural moisture retention varies from person to person. Practices to maintain a proper moisture content, to the skin, is going to vary from person to person. Being out in extreme conditions will cause an accelerated loss of moisture. Much of our moisture is released through our skin and mouths. Dirt and microorganism, on the skin, also syphon moisture from it. Hairy areas of the skin release more moisture.


        Chill Out

          Most of us like a hot shower from time to time. They open pores and sinuses as well as help us relax. As important as it is to open up our pores for deep cleaning, it’s also important to close them. Simply put, cold shower. Open pores release dirt and toxins much easier than closed pores. Just like dirt and toxins, moisture escapes through open pores as well. Skin with pores closed by cool water requires less butter, lotion, oil and/or whatever you may be using to maintain moisture in your skin. Remember to pat dry. Wiping yourself dry lodges particles of the towels into your pores. If you haven’t properly cooled before doing this these particles are likely to be closed into the pores, providing extra substrate for microorganisms to thrive. Ending your shower on a cool note could be your key to beautiful skin.


          Closer than Clothes

            The closest thing to us, almost all day long, is our clothes. So when speaking of our skin it only makes sense to consider how we dress. Some things one may want to consider are where their clothes are manufactured and the standards of the land in which they operate. Understanding how your skin interacts with different fabrics before incorporating them into your wardrobe will save you a lot of stress. How breathable the clothing is and the way it fits are also things to consider. If the fabric/textile is too rough, it can cause irritation and exacerbate existing conditions. If it's to tight you may overheat faster with less space for your perspiration to evaporate. Harsh detergents and laundry softeners may also have an effect. As mentioned before we are all different. Be mindful of self and if you feel a change is necessary, do so carefully. Few things worse than messing something up while trying to make it better.